OZiva Nutritional Meal for Women | Meal Replacement Shake for Weight Management, Calorie Control & Metabolism | 18 g Protein, 6.4g Dietary Fibre, Ashwagandha, Tulsi | Chocolate 500 g

ZERO SUGAR CLEAN PROTEIN FOR WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: This low-calorie, high-protein weight loss product for women helps women control their calories and manage their weight easily. It provides 18g of protein, and 6.4g of dietary fibre, thus saving up to 500 calories vs. a regular meal and keeping women satiated and feeling fuller for longer.
MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKE FOR BETTER DIGESTION – This meal replacement shake contains a Digestive Blend with Papain and Flax Seeds to allow you to digest your food completely. Digestion uses and burns more calories, helping further in controlling weight.
18g PROTEIN, 6.4g DIETARY FIBRE FOR HOLISTIC HEALTH: This weight loss product for women provides holistic health with improved brain and heart function with the help of Curcumin and also ensures better digestion and anti-inflammatory response with Guduchi and Cinnamon.

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