Meal Replacement Slim Shake For Weight Control & Management | Sugar Free | Protein, Fiber, Digestive Enzymes, Vitamins & Minerals (COMBO CHOCOLATE + RASMALAI + MANGO, 3 KG)

🥛 COMPLETE NUTRITIOUS MEAL REPLACEMENT: PRIMAL HEALTH SCIENCE Slim Fit Meal Replacement Shake has been made to replace one-time/two-time meals with the goodness of 27 Vitamins & Minerals, 2g of Dietary Fiber, and 12g of Protein (per serving of 40g). This nutritious meal-replacement shake will allow you to maintain strength, stamina, and energy with its nutritious blend during your weight-loss journey.
💪 PROVIDE SATIETY & SUPPRESS HUNGER: Our Slim Fit Shake’s advanced formula with a mix of proteins, dietary fibers, digestive enzymes, vitamins & minerals will keep you full for 4 to 5 hours, post-consumption. Apart from increasing satiety, it will also lower the intensity of hunger pangs that cause irrational eating and over-eating.
🏃 CALORIE CONSCIOUS MEAL REPLACEMENT: Up to 70% Less calories per serve vs. an average Indian meal. This shake can replace your meals effectively by saving you a significant amount of calories in a day. This highly convenient meal replacement can save around 650 calories a day. Each serving offers 133.4 calories with 250 ml of water & 241.4 calories with 250 ml of skimmed milk. This way, you will naturally end up consuming lower calories than usual and achieve your weight-loss goals sooner.

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