Caresmith Charge Sport Professional Massage Gun | Ultra Powerful Deep Tissue Body Massage Machine For Pain Relief | 24V Brushless Motor Massager Gun

PROFESSIONAL HIGH INTENSITY DEVICE | The heavy duty Charge Sport Massage Gun is specifically designed for professional trainers and athletes. With a powerful 24V brushless motor, Charge Sport has the highest stall force in the market and delivers a stroke length of 11mm at an astonishing 3300 percussions per minute! Charge Sport is the ultimate sports recovery tool for relieving muscle soreness, tightness, aches, and knots.
SUPERIOR BRUSHLESS MOTOR | Charge Sport’s powerful brushless motor is a step-ahead in technology. With no moving parts, it undergoes minimal wear and tear and delivers a professional grade performance with hardly any sound. Best of all, it has a high torque-to-weight ratio that makes your Charge Sport strong and light.
PERCUSSION THERAPY | Percussive therapy includes thumping or hammering motions which is scientifically proven to release muscle tension and accelerate recovery. This body massager for pain relief offers the same benefit as that of a traditional massage less the expense and the hassle of visiting a therapist.

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