Terra Origin Grass-Fed 560gm Chocolate Whey Protein, 25 gm Protein, 15 Serving Scoops, High in BCAA‘s and Gluten Free to…

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GAIN LEAN MUSCLES: In its natural, raw form, Terra Origin’s Grass-fed whey protein is ideal for those who love an intense workout as it boosts recovery and reduces muscle loss. 25g protein, 140 calories & 2g sugar / serving.
COMPLETE AMINO ACID PROFILE: This is an excellent source of branched chain amino acids, BCAAs and nourishes your muscles with all nine essential amino acids making a complete protein.
NO FILLERS & ANTIBIOTICS: Terra Origin’s whey protein powder has been minimally processed to ensure you get maximum protein and nutrients, as preserved in their original form. All you get is clean and pure protein, without any fillers or preservatives.

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