MuscleBlaze Fuel One Black with 24 g Whey Protein, 3 g Creatine & Added Testosterone Blend (Chocolate, 750 g / 1.6 lb) Price: 1,699.00 (as of 10/04/2023 15:32 PST- Details)

24 g OF HIGH-QUALITY PROTEIN: MuscleBlaze Fuel One Black Whey provides 24 g of protein and 11.28 g of EAAs comprising 5.29 g of BCAAs. With Whey Protein Concentrate as a primary source of protein with a PDCAAS value of 1, it is a staple post-workout essential that’s easy to digest, helps in muscle recovery and is effective for lean muscle gains
TESTOSTERONE BLEND: MuscleBlaze Fuel One Black has a powerful Testosterone blend with KSM- 66 Ashwagandha, Safed Musli extract, and Vitamin D3 to increase strength, promote muscle mass and enhance the body’s natural ability to produce testosterone, especially in advanced lifters
ENCOURAGES PROTEIN SYNTHESIS: This whey protein supplement is loaded with Creapure, branded German patent creatine monohydrate. Creapure is added for extra power and strength and creates an anabolic effect increasing protein synthesis. Hence, promoting muscle growth

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