Chicco Well-Being Bipack 250 ml Feeding Bottle, Advanced Anti-Colic System, BPA Free, Hygienic Silicone Teat (Pink… Price: 402.00 (as of 09/04/2023 14:57 PST- Details)

Chicco Well-Being Feeding Bottles are especially designed to provide the baby with a comfortable and relaxed feeding experience. It helps protect your baby from colic, hiccups, regurgitation (spitting-up), and irritability
The anti-colic valve situated at the base of teat (nipple) ensures perfect ventilation inside the bottle. Thus, helps to prevent the ingestion of air, reducing the risk of colic and regurgitation, therefore, enables smooth, relaxed, and continuous feeding
The symmetrical, elongated and flattened shape of physio teat is inspired by shape of mother’s nipple allowing baby to follow his natural sucking movement. The Physio teat adapts perfectly to the mouth of baby and aids the natural way of sucking

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