Charak Kofol Immunity Tablets, 60 Tablets With Goodness Of Giloy, Haldi, Pippali & Shunti, Immunity Enhancer For… Price: 153.00 (as of 10/04/2023 15:17 PST- Details)

Ayurvedic Immunity Booster! Kofol Immunity Tablets of Charak are the Ayurvedic immunity boosters for all age groups. This little bottle with 60 tablets carries a complete healthcare recipe for the entire family, with no side effects. The medication strengthens the defense system of your body to fight against various external environment infections, like cold, cough, viral infections, etc.
Improve Your Family’s Defense System! Charak’s Kofol Immunity Tablets are a natural nutrient-rich formulation to guard your body against the attack of germs, viruses, and infections. The tablets are equally effective in boosting the immunity of both – children and adults.
Hundred Percent Herbal Formula! Kofol Immunity Tablets impart the health-giving properties of different herbs, like Giloy, Haldi, Pippali, etc. into your body. It not only prepares your body to fight against infections but also helps in promotes faster recovery from them.

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